Coastal Swarming

For anyone who lives in Canberra, we know that the warm weather is fleeting. So we try to squeeze in as much Summer fun as we can – and that means scooting!

The Swarm have collectively decided to hit the coast and will be heading for Kiama in mid March. Dave (aka Billy Goat) did some superb scouting for us and rode from his home on the South Coast up to Kiama to scope out some possible accommodation options. With that decided, the rest was easy!

When I first got my scooter, I was wary of Nico’s assurances that the coast was well within reach of my bike. It wasn’t until my very first overnight run with the Swarm (not to the coast – but to Binalong) to realise that I could really go anywhere. Longer distances, however, are so much better with a group. Few things give me greater joy than sitting at the back of a long line of scooters as we head out on the open road. Bogans shake their heads at us, older gents remember some fun times from their youth and little kids laugh and wave. I always have a smile on my face.

The route for the trip is yet to be discussed but I’m going to hazard a guess that we’ll start – as we so often do – at the Shell petrol station in Dickson. Then it will be out on the highway to the Macs Reef Road turnoff to head onto Bungendore (where the two-strokes will refuel for the next push) and then Tarago. A quick regroup in Tarago will get the group back together before picking up the road to Windellama and Bungonia – a couple of little hidden NSW gems. This route will have us pouring out onto the Hume Freeway at Marulan and another fuel stop for smaller scoots. I’ve said before that I detest the Hume – nothing has changed. Fortunately, we have figured a decent set of roads that barely touches the boring boring Hume. From Marulan to the Bundanoon turnoff is all we do. After that, it’s a series of small towns in the Southern Highlands before plunging down the Great Dividing Range through Kangaroo Valley.

Scoots out and about in Mittagong

Then it’s onto either Bomaderry or Berry to join up with Billy Goat before the final push to Kiama.

Can’t wait.

One thought on “Coastal Swarming

  1. LukeB says:

    Snowy ride!!! Get on it. Have a great time team. Goose and I are cheering you on to glory from here. Can’t wait to read all about it.

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