Aye Aye Captain!

Another Sunday and another destination for the Swarm. This time it was a relatively short cruise out to Captain’s Flat about 40km to the South East of Queanbeyan in New South Wales. We had resolved to meet up at the Tulip Cafe at Pialligo for a spot of breakfast and a yarn before hitting the road. Nikki and I thought we may have reached our bacon quota for the weekend having spent Friday night devouring curries and lager with Swarming friends Chris and Nicky, only to be followed by a superb fry up the following morning. I was nursing a particularly nasty hangover which even the baked beans could not ply out of my scone.

Before leaving the house, I gave the scoots a quick going over with the hose and some suds. Embarrassingly, I hadn’t washed them since we got back from the epic trip down South so they were well overdue. The short trip down Majura Road to Pialligo was uneventful which is in stark contrast to our morning commute down this same stretch. No trucks or other people desperately racing to work to grab a parking spot.

Scoots @ Tulips

Pialligo houses most of Canberra’s nurseries – a couple of which have natty little cafes. As we pulled into the carpark, the cafe was completely empty and we thought that we’d get some pretty swift service. Within five minutes, the place was full! Strangley, our meals all came at different times which stretched out our stay to and hour and a half. The food was okay but I’m not sure if we’ll go back. With most of needing fuel, we belted over to the airport to fill up. Bill – having gotten his 1964 Vespa 150 going – decided to continue on and let us catch him after gassing up. It wasn’t until we were 20km out of Captain’s Flat that we finally happened across him again.

What can I say about Captain’s Flat? It’s quiet – eerily quiet. A small dog greeted us as we pulled up in town and gave us all a good sniffing before belting off to explore the neighbourhood. Nikki and I went and found a cache while Swarmer Steve did a quick recce of the town on his scoot. He returned and reported that he had found the pub. That was the news we were hoping to hear and a few minutes later the scoots were parked out the front. The friendly publican greeted us and poured a few schooners. He gave us a quick tour of the grand old pub which boasts the longest bar in the Southern Hemisphere. It was quite impressive though the pub’s glory days are long behind it now that the local mine is closed.

Scoots @ Captain's Flat

The Swarm is always looking for new locations and these old pubs are usually the kind of thing we look for. I have a feeling we’ll be back for a mid-winter run. Another great destination and another reason to saddle up the ponies. Sweet!

One thought on “Aye Aye Captain!

  1. Bill Pearson says:

    What a fun ride, thanks for organising it. There is my little Scooter lined up with all the big ones! Gee I wasn’t nervous at all. I knew she would make it.

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