Day 3 – Devonport to Orford

OK – first disclaimer – I am tipsy and typing on Dad’s netbook which seems semi-retarded. Also – google latte sex im drunk from these as I type. Gold.

So we were very quick through quarantine being on bikes and before we knew it we were on the highway heading for Launceston. We took one wrong turn (totally the fault of the tassie street signs) and then arrived at our first fuel stop at the turn off to the Launceston airport. The girl asked us if our scooters were Christmas presents – haha, cool.

It was awesome to see the poppy fields in bloom and all the hay that the farmers had made already. Even though it was a little chilly (Morgan said through the headset that the weather was perfect – I didn’t argue, but thought what are you thinking!!??!!) it was all beautiful and we were lucky to be here at this time of the year. L

There was no one on the road, everyone seemed to be going the other way which was awesome. Our first real stop was at Conara where we stopped for a Christmas day cache. It was called “bring your own paper” which we worked out that the name worked once we used the bathroom after we found the hide. Awesome

So we took the Lake Leake Road to get us over to the east coast. It was an awesome ride on the scoots. We both found that we took a couple of the corners badly – we think that it was because of the road surface because other corners were tamed gangsta style.

Morgan found a dead tasmanian devil on the road, which was very fresh roadkill. He took it off the road and once we arrived at Orford, I reported it on the devil roadkill website. It was heaps sad.

Our next stop was for fuel at Swansea. We were starving after eating a very average breakfast on the Spirit which was better than nothing, but we decided to push on to Orford rather than eat something crappy.

The ride from Swansea to Orford was MAGIC. Again – no traffic our way and only about ten cars coming towards us. Pity that five of those ten were in our lane, but we managed to avoid them. The view down the Tasman Highway on that stretch is beautiful and I am pretty sure we will be up that way again on this trip to take some photos.

Finally at Orford!

So we arrived at Orford at 1109h, we left Devonport at 0700h. It was a fantastic ride and then the rest of the day was awesome with mum and aunty eileen. Great food and a couple of bottles of Jansz yay. Pity about the Tassie weather – way too cold! We are sitting on the deck in jeans and fleeces (yes LukeB brand) and I am freezing.

I apologise now for this post. I am drunk – tipsy was an uber understatement. Sorry friends. Of course photos were taken which will be uploaded tomorrow 🙂

Click HERE to see today’s pics!

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