You Can Just Taste It

Okay, so it’s been a few days since we last put some words down – but a lot has happened.

Day 11 – Happy Birthday Nikki!

A lazy morning today before being kindly driven to Hobart by Nikki’s Dad so we could attend the Taste of Tasmania Festival. Nikki’s brother Andrew was along for the day. Experience has taught us that things can get a little untidy after a few cheeky ones so we were glad to have a driver for the day.

After doing a lap of the stalls, we settled on some seafood for our first taste. Nikki and I shared some cajun calimari and some very spicy scallops all washed down with a couple of very decent bevvies – a Moo Brew for me and a sparkling rose from Josef Chromy for Nikki. I moved onto the pinot for the rest of the day while Nikki rather sensibly stuck to her rose.
Other delights of the day included bratwurst, marinated lamb, thai beef salad, sushi, tiny tiny pancakes and fresh raspberries. The greatest delight was discovering that one vineyard’s worker had decided to be very generous with her pour. Needless to say we attended her stall more than once!

We were also treated to seeing a couple of the Sydney to Hobart yachts – most notable was Wild Oats XI. Not the winner this year but pretty famous nonetheless.

Another great thing about the Taste is you always end up talking to someone new and interesting. This year we were lucky enough to meet some delightful locals and their relatives visiting from Adelaide. They were a fun bunch and we exchanged some information. Nikki got talking to the youngest lad of the group who turned out to be an Air Force Cadet – they seemed to click really well. One of the chaps in the party turned out to be a cameraman and he urged me to watch  his forthcoming documentary. I said I would mention it on the blog so here goes – SBS1 at 830pm on 8 Jan ‘Sweet Home Cabramatta’. Actually it sounds quite interesting!

The whole day was one hoot after another and was topped off by finding another Hobart cache before heading home (our most southern find!). Thanks to Phil for driving us. Sorry about the sore head Andrew but you’re on holidays and allowed to cut loose if you feel like it!Our next story will be about heading north again to meet the Spirit and our journey on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Ciao!


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