Upgrade time!

Tomorrow, Zita and Giorgio are going to Dr Scoot (otherwise known as Mick) for some surgery. We’ll be dropping them off at the hospital at 8 o’clock sharp. Have a look at www.motorini.com.au to see where our kiddies came from and where they’re cared for.

With a rather ambitious trip on the horizon, we felt it was time that the scoots received a few pre-Christmas presents to give them an extra zing on the road. Giorgio had already scored himself a rather manly-sounding Leo Vince exhaust but that was only part of the package.

Modern scooters transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel via a ‘gearbox’ containing a very clever piece of engineering known as a variator. Essentially, the variator is a pulley that changes shape according to how fast it’s spinning. Combined with a belt and another pulley, the whole set up is known as a CVT – or Continuously Variable Transmission. You can alter the scoot’s performance by changing components in the variator so that it changes its shape at a different rate compared to the revs of the motor.

So, with that in mind, both Zita and Giorgio will be getting new Malossi variators fitted. But wait, there’s more! Not to be outdone by the blue boy, Zita will also be sporting a very shiny and newScorpion exhaust that we got online from SIP in Germany.

All this plus an oil change means that the scoots will be all prepared for our long-haul trip – which we’ll be writing about of course!

Can’t wait to see Zita with her shiny new pipe!

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