Disappointment for Zita

Poor Zita – she arrived at Motorini on 9 Dec all excited about some new bling. A shiny new polished Scorpion exhaust. Alas it was not to be.

It turns out that SIP in Germany sent us an exhaust kit for a carburetted LX150 engine but Zita is fuel injected. With nowhere to fit the air sensor needed for the fuel injection system, Zita was not to be fitted with the exhaust today. A hasty e-mail to Germany yielded only mild confusion. Now it’s the weekend so we’ll have to wait until Monday to see what the Germans have figured out for us. In any case, Zita won’t be sporting that particular piece of bling for the pending trip (more about the trip later).

All was not lost though – Zita got herself a new Malossi variator, a new rear tyre and a chrome luggage rack. Morgan rode her home from Motorini as Nikki was under the weather. He can report that her new transmission has produced a very zippy scoot! Yay! The new rack on the back continues Zita’s chrome-accented theme and looks a treat.

Giorgio also received some attention on the day. A new Malossi variator, oil change, belt change, filter change and valve clearances. Thanks to Mick the Master Mechanic who stayed at work until the job was done – and then had the good grace not to stab Morgan when he rode Zita home instead! Giorgio got collected the next morning and ridden home. He’s a very different scoot with his new transmission. The range between 40-80km/hr is much much quicker now and he’s punching through 100km/hr much quicker than before.

Can’t help thinking what’s next for the scoots – more upgrades? There’s not a great deal more that can be done to them now without fitting some big-bore kits – the work involved with that particular job is just a bit beyond us right now.

One thought on “Disappointment for Zita

  1. 72eibar says:

    This is one flash looking site! Looking forward to reading about your trip. Have fun.

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