Upgrade Update

Zita is possibly in for a long wait – finally a response from SIP which is “I’m sorry Scorpion has no manifold or exhaust for that scooter. It should be available in the beginning of next year”. WTF. We are waiting to see if Mick thinks welding the bit on is possible. Or we may have to send the exhaust back. Either way, she will not have her pretty (and awesome) exhaust for the trip. This is definite. Sad face.

But I have ridden her a few times since her variator was fitted, which has been fantastic. I can really tell the difference when she is around 80-100km/hr. She can sit much more comfortably at these speeds now which is definitely required for our trip next week.

Morgan has fitted Giorgio’s top box ready for next week. Zita will carry our roll bag on her new rear rack. Packing is going to be fun…

One thought on “Upgrade Update

  1. Lizzy says:

    Hi guys! Just wanted to wish you a safe, happy and wootin scootin adventure! Have a fabulous Christmas too. I will be checking your blog for updates 🙂
    Take care, Liz

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